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We will not accept reservations from minors. You warrant that you are 18 years of age or
over and that you have the legal capacity to use this website. You further warrant that all
personal information submitted during reservation process is correct and that you accept
financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name.
Reservations should not be made with fictitious names. We cannot be held responsible if
a reservation which is made in a fictitious name cannot be later amended to a non-
fictitious name; or if your reservation is not honored by us, or you are charged with No
Show charges.
You agree to use this reservation system to make legitimate reservations only and shall
not use this reservation system for any other purposes, including without limitation, to
make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservations or any reservations in anticipation
of demand.
We accept payments by credit and debit cards. You are required to enter a valid credit
card or debit card number when making a reservation.
The credit/debit card holder must be in the traveling party. Your booking shall not be
honored by the hotel if the card-holder is not present at the time checking in. At the time
of checking in, the hotel shall cross-check the name of the credit/debit card holder against
the Passport, ID, Booking Details and Credit Card to make sure the card-holder is in the
traveling party and shall maintain documentary evidence as proof.
Your card will be charged for the entire value of the booking at the time of reservation.
Any written cancellations prior to arrival will be refunded according to hotel’s
cancellation policy. No-shows will be charged the entire amount of the booking.
1.) The Deposit is a non-refundable payment.
2.) The balance payment must be made according to the chosen payment option. If the
payment is not done by the due date the booking will be taken as canceled.

Valid credit card details are taken as a guarantee of the booking. The full amount will be
charged upon arrival. For Cancellations or No-Shows, the card shall be charged
according to applicable hotel policy.
Prices can be viewed in your preferred currency type, based on your nationality. The
currency in which your card will be charged is displayed at the time of booking. We
reserve the right to change prices at any time before you make your reservation.
Once you confirm a reservation online, an instant online confirmation email will be sent
to you with a reference number.
Although great care is taken by us to ensure that our systems contain accurate data on
hotel’s availability, very rarely sometimes due to no omission, fault or negligence on our
part we may not be able to confirm your reservation. You agree that we cannot be held
liable for the non-confirmation of your reservation if such non-confirmation was due to
no omission, fault or negligence on our part.
In a very rare event, when we are unable to honour a confirmed booking, we shall inform
you as soon as we get to know about it, and refund the amount which was debited from
your credit card (if any) within a period of five (5) working days from the date the charge
was made on your credit card in relation to the reservation. Please note that subsequent to
us refunding the money to your card, the relevant Bank would take three (3) working
days to settle the same.
All cancellations/modifications must be informed in writing. They shall be dealt
according to hotel’s policy effective at the time of booking.
We have no liability to refund if your booking is canceled as a result of unusual and
unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control by force majeure, the consequences of
which could not have been avoided even if reasonable due care had been exercised.
Such force majeure events include war, riot, fire, civil strife, commotion, industrial
action, governmental authority, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse
weather conditions, acts of God or other conditions amounting to force majeure. In the
event of force majeure, we will also not pay any consequential losses or additional costs.
The Cancellation Policy does not apply in a force majeure situation.

If you do not arrive to make use of the booking on the date on which you specified as the
date of arrival when making the reservation, we are unable to guarantee your reservation
and additionally, you will incur a 'No Show' charge.
In the rare case of inability to make available the accommodation due to unavoidable
circumstances, we will provide the option of either:
(i) alternative accommodation of equivalent or superior quality of the original one
booked; or
(ii) cancellation of your reservation with a FULL refund of monies paid for the booking
in question.
All requests for a refund must be informed to us before the last day of the reservation and
must be received by us in writing with supporting documentation within 14 days from
then. We will consider requests for refunds on a case by case basis.
The exchange rate at the time of refunding will be the current exchange rate. Thus the
amount refunded may vary from the amount paid by you, at the time of making the
booking due to such exchange rate variations.
The content posted on this website is for information purposes only and is published in
good faith. Although great care is taken by us to ensure that the literature and content
posted is accurate, instances may occur where services and facilities of the
accommodation, as published may be changed or withdrawn. We disclaim all liability for
such changes/omissions to the services or facilities published or any damages or expenses
resulting from the aforesaid changes or withdrawals.
We expressly reserve the right to modify invoices or cancel reservations resulting from
obvious erroneous mistakes in prices and/or descriptions published on our website.
However, you will be informed immediately upon discovering any such error.
You agree to accept responsibility for any damage to the accommodation and effects
caused by you or a member of your party. In such an event upon being notified by us, you
will reimburse us for any such damage caused, before you end your stay.
We reserve the right to terminate your holiday and/ or that of any member of your party
based on any act of misconduct by you or any member of your party. In such an event

full cancellation charges will apply and no refund will be made. Moreover, we will be
under no obligation to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses, you or any
member of your party may incur as a result of the reservation being terminated.
During your stay at the accommodation, you and your party shall agree to comply with
hotel policies. For example, with this reservation, you shall not bring the Pets, pillows,
bed sheets, duvets or other items of bedding, and any electrical appliances and/or
equipment for heating and/or cooking purposes, to the hotel.
These Terms and Conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of liability. If any
part of the Terms and Conditions proves to be invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the
Terms and Conditions will remain valid. The invalid or unenforceable part will be
deemed as supplanted by an enforceable and valid form conveying the same meaning.
The security and privacy of your personal information is important to us.
When you make an online reservation through us, we request certain personally
identifiable information from you in order to arrange individual reservations. We may
share your information with certain third parties such as hotels, with which you made the
reservation, the online payment gateway provider, the acquiring bank, and our software
engineering center, in order to book your service; to conduct surveys and to direct
pertinent marketing promotions to you (the latter is only if you have not opted out to
receive emails of our special promotions).
We do our best to preserve user data security and privacy. Although great care is taken by
us there may be breaches of data security and privacy, due to no intentional fault on our
part. We disclaim all liability for any such breaches in data security or privacy, and any
damages or expenses resulting from any such breaches.
We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions under which the reservation is
offered and you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions that are in
effect at the time of your use of this website.